Big Dot Framework 2.0 "Pure HTML & CSS"
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More About BD2.0

Big Dot Framework 2.0 is a minimalist template that can be downloaded for free. It’s easy to make changes to the colours, fonts and other styles of the site. Layouts are simple to compose and the 1-4 column grid system is fully mobile responsive and adapts fluidly to the width of the device on which it is being viewed.

The free template is built using only CSS3 and HTML, which has been W3 Validated.

The framework is free to use. We would appreciate it if you kept a link to The Big Dot Company in the footer, however it is not mandatory.

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Minimalist WordPress Template

Big Dot Framework 2.0 is also available as a WordPress template. The template is still being develop but already features basic functionality, which allows you to edit the content, change the navigation and use the blog.

The framework is also compatible with Perch. Perch is a lightweight content management system which allows you to edit the content on the pages and use the blog, but doesn’t allow you to edit the navigation. If you’re looking for the ultimate optimised site with a CMS, perch is the best answer as WordPress requires much more external code, which does affect the sites performance.

Google Page Speed
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Google Page Speed

The speed at which a page loads is a really important factor for a website. Faster sites give a better user experience, especially for people using a slow internet connect. On top of this, Google actually give more favourable search results to sites that are speed and usability optimised. Their own page speed insight tool scores websites on a scale of 1-100 for desktop site speed, mobile site speed and mobile usability. Big Dot Framework 2.0 has a perfect score 100 / 100 for desktop speed, mobile speed and mobile usability! We’re very proud of this score and have yet to find a site that comes close to it!

We employed the following techniques to optimise the site for speed:

  • Optimised Images
  • Server side compression (GZip)
  • Minified HTML & CSS
  • No render-blocking CSS
  • Browder Caching

Loads of features built in a clean and simple way
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SEO and Google Page Speed Optimised
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Basic WordPress Content Management Support
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Framework by The Big Dot Company
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